Short Stories

Read these excerpts from some of my stories.

"Getting There"

When the mother of a gay son volunteers at a health fair, she remembers the difficulties she'd had before she was able to accept her son without reservations. At the end, she celebrates the place of love where she lives today.

"Lion Girl - Lion Boy"

This piece of flash fiction shows a young transgender boy and his father having a difficult conversation. They are dealing with issues of identity, but in the end, love conquers all. 

This story gives us a tour through the years of a woman's relentless search for her gender identity. Fighting the pressures of society, Mia finds the courage and strength to face her fears and find her true self. This strong female character who finds the path to self-acceptance and love is a reminder to all parents of what LGBTQ+ people face when confronted with a repressive society.

"Finding Mia"

"Chicken Stew"

The mother of a young adult transgender son struggles to get used to the many changes in her life. As she experiences deep grief for the loss of the image she had of her young child, her son surprises her with a gift of love.


""What did I do wrong, how did I fail you?" I asked my son.

"Nothing. Nothing, mom. My childhood was so happy. Dad left us, but I had you and grandma, and all the family around me."

"Did something bad happen to you? Did anybody hurt you?" I asked, hoping I'd understand.

"I want us to choose my name together," my child said and checked to see my reaction.

"Well, if the doctor had said you were a male at birth, we would have named you Alexander."

"Then, Alexander will be my middle name. Now let's make a list and see what comes up," my son said.

"Give me a minute to check that stew," I rushed to the stove to hide my tears in the steam rising from the pot.

I was driving down the highway on the way back home. God was not asking anything from me, He just loved me and was telling me to stop being afraid of what was inside of me. I'm a lesbian, I thought, and God loves me.

"But Daddy, why can't I be the boy?" Ann raises her voice. "Why won't you let me?" the child punches the wig with one hand.

"Because you are a girl."

"I am not a lioness. I am a lion-boy!" Ann stomps and throws the lion wig to the floor. Cheeks and neck are flushed red and eyes shine with tears.

This is a story with a South American soul. Silvia receives a couple of turbans from a mysterious friend in her birthday.  At first, she likes them all right, but in time, she can't stop wearing them. The more she wears the turbans, the more problems she encounters in life. Is there anything special in these head coverings? Are they part of a magical spell? In this work, the writer explores the limits of reality and perspective.

Revista Literaria

Departamento de Espanol y Portugues

Universidad de Texas en Austin

Numero 10, 1990


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